KC Light Covers

kc light covers

KC light covers are the pioneers of heavy car lighting that assists you, as the owner of trucks, jeeps and Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) owners to ride during the darkest periods. There are a lot of equipments KC provides for your muscle car

Plastic Covers

There are two reasons why plastic covers are made. The first and the most common reason is it protects your lights, including the period when the lights are not used. All KC light covers looks similar in appearance. The only difference is it comes with various colors and styles, which gives you a lot of options to choose from.  KC covers can be found with its name written both in black and white colors. While the former comes with yellow and pink plastic covers, the latter comes in context with red and black...

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AutoPartsWarehouse.com – Customer Satisfaction is their Goal


Auto Parts Warehouse entered the automotive parts and accessories industry in 1995.  It soon became one of the most respected automotive parts and accessories online distributors in the U.S.  To date, it has an average of 2 million website visitors in a month.

Customers and visitors can select on the more than 550,000 automobile parts and accessories featured in the company’s all-inclusive catalog.  These products are produced by manufacturers who belong to the top producers of aftermarket automobile parts and accessories that suit any local and international models and makes.  These items are offered at discounted prices, where customers can obtain up to 70% markdown on regular priced items.

Auto Parts Warehouse’s goal is to make their customers satisfied...

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The Benefits of the Trektop NX


Provided balance by sport bars, the Trektop NX offers many fine qualities to its Jeep customers. The TNX comes with a sunroof canopy with a flip-back style. The Trektop NX also provides removable windows, Sunrider sunroof features, mildew resistant fabric, and a factory-style header bar.

Manufactured with the prime objective of reducing fabric flapping at optimum speeds, the TNX also gets the job done avoiding puddles forming in the center of the Jeep’s soft top after a massive downpour. The Top Arch carries across the Jeep immediately over the head of both the driver and passenger. No longer accompanied by its customary top bows and frames, the Trektop NX now features a more fastback/raceback appearance that enhances the style for its drivers and passengers.

The TNX works as a great co...

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The Benefits of the Trektop NX


Many elements are offered to Jeep owners who purchase the Trektop NX. It is sustained by sport bars. The TNX comes with a sunroof canopy with a flip-back style. Additionally, the Trektop NX offers mildew resistant fabric, removable windows, Sunrider sunroof features, and a factory-style header bar.

Made with the specific purpose of minimizing fabric flapping at higher speeds, the TNX also proves effective at avoiding puddles forming in the center of the Jeep’s soft top following a strong rain. The Top Arch carries across the Jeep right above the head of both driver and passenger. Without its customary top bows and frames, the Trektop NX now sports a more fastback/raceback look that adds more style for its drivers and passengers.

The TNX is congruent with the 2007 to 2014 JK Wrangler Unl...

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A Rear Bumper to Your Jeep that Provides Utmost Usability

rear arb bumpers

Equally essential as a Jeep part are the rear bumpers.  These bumpers protect your vehicle from damage that includes a hitch mount to provide an elevated area allowing you to mount a swing-away rack for bigger tires.  ARB bumpers manufacture rear bumpers that bring a huge amount of safety on your Jeep’s rear.

The ARB Rear Bumper in Black Powder Coat suits any 2 – and 4-door models of JK Wrangler, Rubicon and Unlimited from 2007 to 2014.  They are structured to provide the utmost usability with additional features, such as:

  • dual-hi-lift jacking points;
  • a hollowed bumper section; and
  • a fused recovery points.

This ARB Rear bumper is made of steel and coated in black powder...

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Trektop vs. Trektop NX

So when you are looking for the best soft top or replacement top for your Jeep there should be two that immediately come to mind.  These are both made by Bestop.  So, how do you determine which one is the best one?  There is no system that will determine that because what may be best for you and your needs is not necessarily the same that will be the best for the guy down the street.  In other words, which is the best is a personal decision.  All I can do is to give you the information and then let you decide which one would better fit your needs.

Alright then, here we go.



This is one of the two tops that I was just talking about.  It is easy to install and has a rear curtain that is actually removable.  The windows are included and they are tinted...

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Spotlight on Smittybilt Jeep Covers

jeep seat covers redIf you want one quality material Jeep seat covers then there’s only one distributor to go to, Smittybilt. Smittybilt is included among the top dealers and distributors of Jeep accessories. One of Smittybilts most demanded products are Jeep seat covers. Here’s a descriptive view of some of Smittybilts top seller seat cover for Jeeps.

The XRC Seat Covers.

When it comes to manufacturing the latest design of seat covers for Jeep 4×4 off road vehicles, you can always count on Smittybilt. The latest design includes seat covers for CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK applications designed specifically for XRC seats. The overall look of these Jeep seat covers delivers protection, luxury, and comfort...

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Jeep Seats: Bestop TrailMax™ II Fixed Rear Bench Seat in Vinyl

Bestop TrailMax™ II Fixed Rear Bench Seat in Vinyl

When it comes to travelling or overcoming off-road obstacles, the Jeep is one of the best vehicles to do the job. In order to get the best out of your Jeep, it is important for you to install the best brands of seats. One of the best brands being offered by various Jeep interior accessory dealers is the Bestop TrailMax™ II Fixed Rear Bench Seat in Vinyl.

Closer Look Into the Features of the Bestop TrailMax™ II Fixed Rear Bench Seats.

The Bestop TrailMax™ II Fixed Rear Bench Seats are designed specifically for 55-95 Jeep® CJ-5, CJ-6, CJ-7, CJ-8 Scrambler & Wrangler YJ and it is available in black, black denim, charcoal, and spice color. When looking to install the Bestop TrailMax™ II Fixed Rear Bench Seats, allot a maximum time of 2 hours for complete installation.

The Bestop Tra...

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Truck Tonneau Covers – Hard or Soft?

Tonneau truck covers are good looking providing both soft and hard covers. They both provide security still they are a matter of tradeoffs.

Soft covers are of priority as they are available in fewer prices. Some of these soft covers provide excellent weather protection. In addition all other covers help keep whatever ins in your bed sight.


Quite often only securing your cargo out is good to protect your valuables or belongings protected. For that reason a soft cover might be a choice for protection and its bargain price might be the deciding factor.

Soft covers are popular as they provide good protection in fewer prices. Better deals are found for soft tonneaus.

If you are able to and willing to spend a bit more then the hard covers might be the first priority from option. Hard covers can be folded, retraced and tilted. Each individual have different advantages.

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Hard Truck Tonneau Covers

Truck tonneau covers give your cargo security and protection from bad weather, while also protecting your truck bed. Hard truck tonneau covers are generally more secure than the soft ones. Hard truck tonneau covers come in folding, tilting and retractable models.


Let’s compare the tree types:

1. Folding covers: These generally come in three sections. The folding parts are in fact made of very hard material, and these give your cargo is very high security. If required, they can be locked on, and will give your storage area vault-like security.

A few folding cover models fold forwards, so that the two pieces at the behind fold onto the third piece at the front, which stays on the truck bed. This means that a minimum of one-third of the truck bed is always covered. The other models collapse completely and can be stored against the back window. One example is the premium BAK multi panel cover.

2. Tilting lids: These covers hinge at the front of the truck. To attach them, you have to lift them up. They are generally made of fiberglass, but tough ABS is also used sometimes. They come in very sleek styles that are guaranteed to enhance the looks of your truck. They come in a large number of color options that can match any truck. ABS tilting lids provide high impact tolerance. Furthermore, they are very lightweight, and only weigh about 58 pounds.

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