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A look into Gaylords’ Traditional Lid

Let us consider the features of Gaylord Lid’s traditional Fiberglass truck toppers. These come either in black, or with a custom paint job that you can order to match with your truck’s color. The factory finishing that they come in is simply amazing.

The Traditional Lid comes with a stainless steel cross bar and with a locking system. These locks are self-tightening compression types. This not only ensures a waterless seal when they are closed, but also very high security for the things you store inside the topper. Two gas struts come with these fiberglass toppers, which help to open the doors and prevent them from slamming shut awkwardly. A lifetime warranty is provided for the fiberglass construction of these toppers, along with the paint job, and two years’ warranty comes with all the moving parts. This is a truly fair warranty.


They also come with an optional speed star wing on the back to give your truck the race car look.

Previous customers have expressed complete satisfaction with their Gaylords’ Traditional lid truck topper, commenting especially on how great the paint job looks.

The special hinged fiberglass of this truck is great for preventing thieves.

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Truck Topper Features

Nothing beats a truck topper as the best truck enhancement. A truck topper consists of insulation material that protects the materials inside it, plus some expensive lights. Ah handle lock may also be one of its many valuable features.


A crucial part of the topper is the exterior. Truck toppers can, of course, be colored to any color you can wish. However, it is important that the topper be adequately insulated.  The top and exterior should feature insulating materials that will help keep out harsh weather conditions. For those who carry valuable tools in their truck, this feature can be extremely beneficial.

The base rails should be made of fiber glass as well. If the toper is made of fiberglass, it will not only make the topper very enduring and durable, but it will also help to keep the interior well insulated.

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